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B.H. Miller learned to love words during her six-year career as a legal assistant. She was raised just about everywhere within in the United States, plus a brief stint in Italy, which gives her a unique, ‘middle of nowhere’ perspective. Her upcoming debut, The Natural Order, showcases her admiration for the urban fantasy and contemporary fantasy genres while still giving her the opportunity to pose questions of morality. Currently residing in West Virginia, she can often be found sipping hot tea and browsing the vast depths of the internet for entertainment, when not otherwise engaged in video games or soapmaking.


The Natural Order

It happens overnight. Across the country, bodies appear as if by magic, their deaths as unusual as the causes are unidentifiable. In the wake of the madness they’ve created, the killers have come forward. They are every children’s bedtime tale, plucked from the storybooks and dropped straight into our nightmares, and they are nothing like we could have ever imagined. We call them Obscure.It isn’t long before out Government is stricken down under a threat we could never have anticipated, and a New Government rises from the ashes for revenge. Marie Morrison wakes in the morning to a world she can’t possibly survive. Limited options pave the way for desperate decisions, leading Marie directly into the eye of the storm. Under the direction of the New Government, hell-bent on containing and interrogating the Obscure, life becomes war.What do you do when familiar faces suddenly become the enemy?

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Inherent Sin

Obscure live among us. Despite the efforts of the New Government to capture and question as many Obscure as possible, none of us are any closer to learning the truth about the devastation brought upon us. Humans continue to die by the hundreds.My name is Marie Morrison. Unfortunately, through sheer accidental circumstance, the number of Obscure who have died by my own hand is raising questions on all sides. The Obscure call me NightMare - quietly, of course - but the humans are much less discreet about their accusations. Now that both my best friend and my ex-lover have been outed as Obscure, my body count has set some very specific rumors aflutter.The Obscure aren't the only ones who think I'm a monster; the only question is: what kind?

Coming soon! (current work in progress)

Title In Progress

Sleep was once a powerful, ancient deity. Dormant, weakened from lifetimes of hiding from a world that rejected Gods in favor of science, Sleep seeks the perfect vessel to resurrect into its full potential. But there are no believers left. Modern technology has focused their efforts on modifying DNA to create the ultimate human, and in turn, has developed methods of detecting anything that is not. Gods are shunned—eradicated. Worship is akin to treason.And it’s all in the name of preserving humanity.

(Current Work in Progress)

This book is best read after 'The Natural Order', the first of the NightMare Morrison series, as the description below contains spoilers related to it.


Being a werewolf is not what it's cracked up to be. After many long years of solitude, regret, and failed attempts to live a normal existence, Luke is faced with the opportunity to finally be freed from his curse. All that's required of him is to act as an unseen bodyguard for the daughter of a very powerful man and to never, ever, let her find out; but Marie is not your typical human. She's loud-mouthed, fearless, and bites back with every bit as much power as he holds within himself, thanks to the magic of the curse.It takes what feels like the blink of an eye to a nearly immortal creature before Luke has to admit to himself that he is truly, undeniably in love with her. Yet, she is forbidden. Caught between the temptation of abandoning his dreams of a human life, and abandoning his last chance at love, Luke must choose either the relief of mortality at the cost of his heart, or the absolute satisfaction of a life with Marie that's clouded by the secret of what he really is.Still, the hardest question of all remains: if he chooses her, how will he keep her safe from the wolf within?

Coming soon!

The Gift of Betrayal

To the Elves, we humans are disposable. One toe out of line is more than enough justification for banishment to the front lines of the Elven military, or to the darkest depths of the iron mines. From the High Elves to the Dark Elves - and every Elven race in between - their power is absolute; it's been this way for as long as anyone can remember...Until one man dares to share the story of a time, long ago, where humans lived in freedom and the Elves held barely more than steep distrust for one another; a time before the union of the Council that forced our frail bodies to bow to those of longer life-span. If the stories are true, there's a way to restore balance between Humans and Elves once more.Hope tastes so much sweeter than stolen dinner rolls ever could.

Coming soon!

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